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Experience adrenaline, adventure and nature in Kozara Adventure Park!

We offer a completely new tourist facility full of fun and adventure!

What is an Adventure Park?

Adventure Park comprises different aerial elements installed in the trees, at a height of 3 to 6 meters above ground level. It is a system of cable suspension trails stretched between elevated platforms in the trees which represent starting or finishing point from one obstacle to another.  Walking from one tree platform to another, across cable suspension trails, users face and overcome different obstacles testing their own abilities and increasing adrenaline levels. Crossing and overcoming obstacles is carried out under the supervision of the instructor and by using safety equipment. 

Kozara Adventure Park is a place for fun and recreation for visitors aged 12 and more. There are 19 challenging obstacles installed in the trees. 10 obstacles can be used by children aged 12 – 18, whereas visitors aged 18 and more can use the entire length of the trail with all 19 obstacles. By overcoming different obstacles users improve motor control, balance, strength, abilities and increase adrenaline levels.

Crossing over suspension bridges, ladders and cables, sliding down a cable using a pulley so-called zip line, are just part of challenges which Kozara Adventure Park offers to those who are eager for excitement, fun and adrenaline in nature. 


It is compulsory to use the safety equipment. Users are compulsory to attend safety rules briefing given by our instructors, to be acquainted with the safety rules and to learn how to use the safety equipment. Only one person at a time can be on an obstacle. 

Trails are used at your own risk. You know your health condition and if you ignore it or overrate it you expose yourself to risks. 

When the Park is closed or when there is no staff (operator or instructor) IT IS STRICTLY FORBBIDEN to use suspension trails.

It is STRICTLY FORBBIDEN to smoke or to light a fire in the adventure Park.


You can get more information on the Adventure Park in the info centre at Mrakovica or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Kozara Adventure Park and enjoy unforgettable experience in the tree tops!

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