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According to the Republic of Srpska Law regarding National Parks, national parks are areas of special natural and properties of environmental, scientific, cultural, historical, educational, health and recreational and tourist significance, which is characterized by the presence of representative biological, geomorphological, geological and hydrological phenomena, processes, habitats and species of special interest, and related cultural and historical value.

National parks and natural assets therein, natural resources and man-made assets, including cultural and historical monuments, are the property of the Republic of Srpska and as an object of general interest, they enjoy special care and protection.
The Kozara National Park is managed by the Public Institution “The Kozara National Park” which was established by the Republic of Srpska. The Republic of Srpska administers all rights and obligations as the founder of the Public Institution.
The authorities of the Public Institutions are the Board and the CEO. The Director (CEO) manages the operations and represents the public institution.
The main activity of the Public Institution “Kozara National Park " is protection, conservation, presentation and promotion of natural and cultural-historical values.
Public Institution “The Kozara National Park” acts in accordance with the Law on National Parks and Nature Protection Law of the Republic of Srpska, the Law on Spatial Planning, the Law on Environmental Protection and the Law on the Protection of Cultural Property.
The supervision of the implementation of the provisions of the National Parks Acts and regulations adopted pursuant to this Act is conducted by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology.

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