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Hiking trails

Walking is the best way to meet the natural beauties of the Kozara National Park. Dynamic relief with prominent peaks, reefs and slopes, dense complexes of deciduous and coniferous forests, numerous springs and streams and picturesque landscapes will become unforgettable memory of every visitor.


1. Mrakovica trail (at 806 m of altitude)
50 minutes of walking

4.4 kilometres- long loop trail stretches at Mrakovica around the Memorial zone, through thick deciduous and coniferous forest. Besides numerous springs of drinkable water, feeding stations for the deer coming here during the winter for food can be seen on this route.
There are a lot of resting sites along the trail and panels that allow you to learn more about the natural, cultural and historical values of the Kozara National Park.


2. Mrakovica (at 806 m of altitude) – Šupljikovac (652 m) – Gumline (520 m)- Kriva strana (723 m9 – Vinogreč (816 m) – Gola planina (876 m) trail
2 hours of walking

The trail begins at Mrakovica and leads to the highest peak of the Kozara National Park -Gola planina Mountain, offering a magnificent view of the surroundings: Prijedor field, Saničani fish pond, Manjača and Grmeč Mountains, and even neighbouring Croatia.
The trail runs alongside Gumline, one of the most beautiful parts of the Kozara National Park, Kozarački kamen -a viewpoint, a cave and canyon of the Starenica River. The canyon is approximately 80 m wide and 50 m long and leaves a strong impression on visitors. Dense forests, glades, meadows and numerous sources of drinkable, cold water make visiting this area a unique experience.


3. Mrakovica (at 806 m of altitude) - Gavrin kalem (750 m) – Glavuša (793 m)- Bešića poljana (784 m) – Kozarački kamen (658 m)
2 hours of walking

This trail leads you through picturesque landscapes to Bešića poljana, where a viewpoint from which you can enjoy the surrounding area is to be found.
Next, the trail continues through the deciduous and coniferous forest until it reaches Kozarački kamen - a viewpoint offering an exceptional panoramic view of the surroundings. While enjoying the beautiful views and landscape, you will realize how magnificent the nature is.


4. Trail towards Zečiji kamen (400 m)

Starting at the main road to Mrakovica, a 400-meter trail leads to Zečiji kamen - one of the most beautiful sites of the Kozara National Park. A waterfall and the rock viewpoint are special attractions that make this site worth visiting.
There is a climbing site at Zečiji kamen for those who need some adventure and adrenalin rush. There are 21 arranged routes whose length is between 10 and 60 m.

All above mentioned trails are properly marked and you can visit them without a tour guide.
For those who want to discover the wider area of the Kozara National Park walking tours with experienced guides are organized.

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