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Winter Days in Kozara


Tourism and sports event Winter Days in Kozara is held at the beginning of February, in the Kozara National Park. It aims at promoting tourist potentials of the mountain Kozara. This event involves sports and gastro competitions and entertaining programme. Sports competitions include competitions of cities and municipalities of the Republic of Srpska in winter games. Gastro competitions of pupils of catering schools include kettle cooking.  The event is organized by the Tourist Organization of the City of Prijedor.

Greeting to Spring

Every year in March Klekovaca Mountaineering Society organizes in the Kozara National Park an event called Greeting to Spring. This event gathers a large number of mountaineers and nature fans from BiH and surrounding countries and, in some way, it represents opening of the mountaineering season. Mountaineers and nature fans take part in a hike organized in the Park.  After the hike there are a joint lunch for the participants and cultural and entertainment programme.


4th July

Fighter’s Day - 4th July is held every year at Mrakovica within the Memorial Complex. It is organized by the Republic of Srpska Government’s Committee for cherishing the tradition of liberation wars. Hundreds of citizens attend this traditional gathering to pay homage to famous Kozara epopee and to fighters killed in this area during WW2. Those who admire and respect anti fascist fights lay wreaths at the Memorial Complex built in honour of those who gave their lives for the freedom of Potkozarje. 


Kozara Ultra Trail

Kozara Ultra Trail includes four races different length (Kozara Ultra Trail 112 km, Marathon 41 km, Republic of Srpska Championship 25 km, Race 10K). Within Kozara Ultra Trail event Jumbo Fest, dedicated to children, is held. Children have an opportunity to race, camp, socialize and to learn useful things about this beautiful mountain. The event is held in August and the organizer is "Kozara Ultra Trail" Association of Citizens. 

Dr Sreten Stojanovic Art Colony

Dr Sreten Stojanovic Art Colony is held in August at Mrakovica. This cultural event lasts for several days and academic painters from the Republic of Srpska and surrounding countries take part in it. Works created at the Art Colony are presented in a gallery in Prijedor. This event bears a name of a respectable Prijedor sculptor, an academic Sreten Stojanovic.


Literary Meetings in Kozara

Literary Meetings in Kozara are held at Mrakovica in September every year. Numerous written works of famous authors are presented at this cultural event. For decades the best authors have been awarded a prize which bears a name of a famous poet Skender Kulenovic, an author of Stojanka majka Knežopoljka. Famous poets and authors gather every year to convey the truth about Kozara by strength of their words to hundreds of young people who listen to them while sitting on the stairs of the Memorial Complex. The event is organized by the city of Prijedor.


Kozara Mountaneering Marathon

Kozara Mountaineering Marathon is a recreational marathon held in September every year. Mountaineers and nature lovers hike along a marked hiking trail from Lamovita, via Previja and Gola planina to Mrakovica. Previja Mountaineering Society and Paok Mountaineering Society, Banja Luka, organize this event.


Kozara MTB Marathon

Kozara MTB Marathon is held in October and it is organized by the Kozara Bike Club, Prijedor. Recreational and tourist bike marathon gather fans of cross-country cycling, hilly trails and beautiful landscapes.  


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